Are you struggling to create a thriving photography business?

To consistently create images that are amazing?

Or churn a huge a profit that brings you the freedom and flexibility you dream of?

I've got the blueprint for just that!!!
The last 2 years I've been
filming reality-show style Episodes (fun tutorials)
for boudoir/portrait photographers? 

Our studio has photographed over 4000 clients, many of them flying in from all over the world. 
We have SO many clients like this wonderful gal above.
As I write this we are fully booked months out and are currently raising our prices. Again.

And I can teach EXACTLY how we did it with all my fun tutorials....


Learn marketing, branding, pricing, posing, shooting and SO much more.
So excited to announce we're on Season 3 this year, with new episodes coming EVERY month!

What you get when you sign up for $16/mo:

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1. Access to all episodes in the current season of Marissa's World

2. A brand new episode EVERY month

3. Marissa's Marketing Checklist ($98 FREE)

4. Marissa's Airbrushing Tutorial & Photoshop Actions ($35 FREE)

5. AND 68 pages of Marissa's new Pose Book ($38 FREE)


"It's been almost a year and my business has grown in many ways. I'm just finishing my busiest season ever - and I've already booked a bunch of work for next year! Anyway, I just really wanted to say thanks!"

When I saw the affordable Black Friday marketing plan by The Boudoir Divas I figured...why not. Well, their guide gave me template posts, stories, and emails to create and actual CAMPAIGN leading up to the FRIDAY BEFORE black friday... all I had to do was customize and schedule them. They also included a goals graphic. "I'd be happy" "Dare to dream" and "Profit made" -- I exceeded my dare to dream by more than 4 times....This success could not have come at a better time for me. (Black Friday is in Season 2).

- Ashlee Guest
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Who are the Boudoir Divas?

The Boudoir Divas have been in business for 15 years. Owned by Marissa Boucher, this studio has photographed over 4,000+ women- many of them flying in from all over the world.

After successfully running a high volume studio in San Diego, Boucher now also leads destination shoots and unique international workshops for photographers in exotic locations including Tulum, Mykonos, Paris, Peru and more.

The foundation of Boucher's business model is built on a belief that every woman should have an empowering photography experience.

That mission is what ignites her passion to equip as
many photographers as possible to do just that!

It's what has inspired Marissa's World 🌎
As Seen On...

The latest episode that you will have immediate access to...

I have watched the video's over & over. Every time I do, something different jumps out to me. I have come across several other boudoir photogs who want to "help"...Marissa is different from the others. You can tell that there is something genuine about her. She wants EVERYONE to succeed. She is a cheerleader for us. Thank you Marissa for all the time you take to help us, show us, teach us, and build us up when we need it!

-Brandy Thomas
OMG Marissa! This is genius and has saved me so much time. I've purchased a LOT of content from a number of different sources over the last few years and NOTHING compares to this.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

SO When you sign up today you'll get...

1. Access to all episodes in the current season of Marissa's World

 2. A brand new episode EVERY month

3. Marissa's Marketing Checklist ($98 FREE)

4. Marissa's Airbrushing Tutorial & Photoshop Actions ($35 FREE)

5. AND 68 pages of Marissa's new Pose Book ($38 FREE)

6. GET THE GIRL 45+min episode ($39 FREE)

7. Part 1 of Marissa's ONLINE WORKSHOP ($65 value FREE)

8. AND access to the Marissa's World Facebook group!

I've seen hundreds of photographers in my programs
go from stressed and uncertain to:
  • Profitable: Able to consistently give themselves a great paycheck
  • Inspired: Create the art and vision made them choose to be pro photographer
  • Well Known: I've seen photographers who have learned from us teach at PPA, WPPI, Creative Live, be in on Good Morning America, and so much more
  • Published Artists: Becoming recognized in the most prestigious publications in the world like, Entrepreneur Mag, The New York Times, and many, many more
  • ​International Success: Able to do destination shoots all over the world with their clients booking largest packages
  • Mega Influence: Gain a following and a referral base that sets them up to scale their business and have their message reach more people than they ever imagined
  • ​​Peace & Joy: Nothing saps joy like a business that is weighing you down, but I've seen hundreds of lives turn around as businesses become a vehicle of freedom
frequently asked questions
I don't shoot boudoir, and don't plan to. Is this for me?
Marissa's World All Access will benefit anyone who photographs and markets to women. 
I don't know much about photography or running a biz. Is this for me?
Then you absolutely need this!! This is going to set you up for success and help you avoid SO MANY mistakes and frustrations. And it's basically a business in a box, for just $16 that's a no brainer. 
I'm advanced, will I be bored watching this?
You will not. In fact there are some episodes that are highly advanced. Like the Facebook Advertising Tutorial, and the "Elevated Marathons/Promotions" Episode and the "Destination" Episode. 
How is this different than the Online Boudoir Workshop you came out with a few years ago?
This is actually very different. And while I think both are a MUST for photographers who specialize in photographing women, the Online Workshop is classroom style is ALL the fundamentals to shooting, posing, marketing, business, and editing. Marissa's World is shot more reality style and is the new elevated information and secrets I've learned from running a business on those fundamentals we teach in the workshop. 
Why do I have to commit to the year?
No you can cancel at any time
What if I watch it and I'm not into it?
Thats okay. You have 5 days to cancel by emailing us and letting us know.  
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