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Ever have awkward moments while posing
your client in a small or boring space... 

Well not anymore!

Imagine having posing options to use in ANY situation
you might find yourself in?

Check out this $9 book with 1,500 poses...

Let's say you have nothing to work with but a floor.
You can now do an entire shoot with nada, no problem.

Our 1500 Poses Guide has 150 floor options for you...
Or all you thought to bring with you was a stool?
Don't sweat it! We have 40 options for that in our 1500 Poses Guide...
Or has this situation every happened to you?

OMG I booked this apartment in Paris to do a boudoir shoot for my client in and the ONLY thing in here is this ONE chair!!!!

Well international catastrophe solved...

I'll open up this $9 Pose Book on my phone and I now have 162 chair pose options that give a TON of variety!
Get the digital version of this book to put on any devices you wish.
(*No physical copies will are available.)
This digital book sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!

And you may never see this page again. We put this book in the vault for years at a time.
Here's Exactly What You Will Get in Your Instant Download:
360 Page  Digital Book (PDF)
Visual shot guide with more than 1500 beautiful images categorized into 19 sections:
Hundreds of Different Poses.
With a huge variety of bigger and smaller changes within each pose.
This books sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!


1500 POSES GUIDE | Digital Download | $9

75% OFF - 1500 POSES GUIDE - only $9!!

This books sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!
You may never see this page again. So grab it now.
  • Instant Download! 
  • 360-page PDF (for phone or desktop)
  • 1500 Poses from Actual Boudoir Divas Photoshoots
  • ​Hundreds of different posing starting points, with a variety options to change the pose up easily.
  • ​Broken into sections for easy reference; lying down shots, on the bed, using a chair, standing poses, wall, floor only, close-ups & SO MUCH more.
  • ​Money-back guarantee!
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Some Fun Facts & Stats About Your Boudoir Mentors - The Divas!
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This books sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!

 a note from the owner of

Since I was a child I wanted to be a photographer. I have always had such a sense of wonder and imagination. I seek beauty everywhere I go. 

I'm blown away at where that curiosity and belief in my dreams has gotten us.

16 years building our business and 4000+ clients later....

The Boudoir Divas is a team of women that desire to empower women, help them come alive, find a little more freedom, boost their mind body connection, and even form a girl gang that we travel the world with. 

And my greatest joy is teaching other photographers the magic and business strategy that has gotten me to this point. I share ALL my secrets.

It's our honor to get to know you. 

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pose with confidence while eliminating overwhelm, uncertainty & "awkward moments" on your next Boudoir session?
Our 1500 Poses Boudoir reference book will be your go-to source for inspiration & ensure you're using only the most flattering poses all the time - without running out of pose ideas!
“I chose to purchase this book because I’ve been having a hard time coming up with engaging poses. Not only did this book deliver TONS of fresh, engaging poses, it also includes poses that work for different body types. I absolutely love the inspiration this book gives!” - Brittany H.
This books sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!
The Boudoir Divas have been in business for 15 years. Owned by Marissa Boucher, this studio has photographed over 4,000+ women- many of them flying in from all over the world. 

After successfully running a high volume studio in San Diego, Marissa now also leads destination shoots and unique international workshops for photographers in exotic locations including Tulum, Mykonos, Paris, Peru and more. 

The foundation of Boucher's business model is built on a belief that every
woman should have an empowering photography experience.
That mission is what ignites her passion to equip as
many photographers as possible to do just that!

Marissa has been teaching photographers for over 15 years:

”It’s been almost a year and my business has grown in amazing ways. I’m just finishing my busiest season ever – and I’ve already booked a bunch of work for next year! Anyway – I just really wanted to say thanks.”
Jennifer Rozenbaum
Jenerations Boudoir
"I'm one of your online workshop attendees
and I'm pulling 6 figures now." Allison Cole Boudoir 

A fun, fast-paced history of The Boudoir Divas

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