JANUARY 9-15, 2019

  • Build your portfolio!

    5+ stylized shoots in gorgeous locations
  •  Tulum, Catamaran & Cenote excursions
  •  Grow!
  •  Learn from Marissa Boucher as she shares 15 years of photography knowledge
  •  Constant photography input/critique/question answering at every shoot
  •  It's all inclusive!
  •  Except for flights, a few meals, shopping trips and some cenotes everything is included
  •  Excellent promotion for your business!
  •  You will receive a promo video that will make you and your brand look badass!!
  •  Use this opportunity to share on social media and elevate your brand
  •  Marissa will take some headshots of you in a gorgeous location
  •  IT'S SO FUN!!!!
  •  In all of my travels I've never discovered anything like Tulum and the Cenotes
  •  Enjoy a beachside yoga session at the villa and a massage
  •  This was by far one of the most fun trips we've ever done, trust me you don't want to miss out
Usually $ 4950 now $3465
30% OFF = $3465
(7 monthly payments of $495)
7 month payments of $495
Each payment is non-refundable (see why below)
5% discount if you pay in full (call us, non-refundable, see why below)

We do have to charge sales tax of $116 because we are creating a video and images, it is included in this price.

Payments will go through monthly on the same day-isa that you pay the first payment.

Every payment becomes non-refundable once paid. This is a seriously huge investment for us, a big risk if you will, and a couple people backing out could severely hurt our business and our livelihood so we take this seriously. No exceptions.

BUT, don't worry! Find travel insurance ASAP that will cover the trip in case there is an emergency and you can no longer go. 

Travel insurance covering your trip, or injury/medi-evac on your trip, is mandatory. No exceptions. 

You are required to sign a model release

You are required to deliver 150+ proofs to each model 3 weeks after the trip. If this stresses you out we suggest using our editor or a company like shoot.edit or the like to process images for an additional fee. 

Your payment will be followed up by an email with a link to an agreement

We have secured this house, but as we know with international travel, things can always change. Don't book this trip if changing accommodations would REALLY bum you out :) That's why we call it an adventure, we know well that the difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude :) 

We are traveling with a big, fun, group of ladies. If you are easily frustrated by not staying totally on track with the itinerary this may not be the trip for you

By paying this amount you agree with the terms mentioned on this page

Are you ready to have fun with us!?! This isn't the typical classroom style workshop, this is 1/3 party, 1/3 learning and 1/3 portfolio building and brand promotion. But trust me, you will learn a lot on this trip. It's completely worth the investment.

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MARISSA BOUCHER is the owner of The Boudoir Divas in San Diego. A photography studio that was one of first to bring boudoir to the main stream! She has hosted over 260 boudoir photographers at her workshops. Their studio has photographed over 4000 boudoir clients, and she has traveled the world hosting workshops about boudoir photography. Every year she and her team travel to exotic destinations and do shoots for clients and/or  photographers. 

In 2017 she changed her business model from a high-volume boudoir-focused business, to a by-the-beach boutique studio. She also created a new venture, MARISSA INC | A PRODUCTION CO. Which is the umbrella company to The Boudoir Divas. Allowing her to branch out into other endeavors like the Adventuress Photo Expedition!
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