"The Boudoir Divas – well, they are among the best. Let’s call a spade a spade – they are the leaders of the boudoir industry. They started off in a garage in a little town out in California – and they’ve not only become the most sought after boudoir studio in southern California – they have also become national and worldwide recognized names."
- The Secret Pin Up, Ashley Durham
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"The Divas inspiration has brought my Boudoir business to a whole new level."
Shelly Rose Boudoir
"It's been almost a year and my business has grown in many ways. I'm just finishing my busiest season ever - and I've already booked a bunch of work for next year! Anyway, I just really wanted to say thanks!"
Jenerations Boudoir
Who are The Boudoir Divas?
The Boudoir Divas is a photography studio and production company owned by Marissa Boucher.

Touted for their excellent marketing skills, they have created a brand that has had women flying in for shoots from all over the world.

And have hosted destination shoots in Greece, Italy, The Caribbean, Paris, South America and Mexico.

Through the past 15 years their business model has changed from high volume, to a high end boutique studio, to running boudoir marathons once a month.
This has given them a huge amount of experience, and Marissa is ready to share all of her knowledge with other photographers. 

We'd love to have you join our community of boudoir photographers. 

When you sign up for the checklist you will receive an invite to our very active Facebook group and more information about our Photo Expeditions all over the world!  
"Marissa, I used all my cheat sheets, posing guides, all my women empowerment knowledge you  give out during your boudoir workshop. And I worked my butt off to give this woman the best experience ever and helped her to feel worthy and beautiful. 

I did a same day viewing , the second her first picture popped up on the big TV screen, she burst into tears.  She said she couldn't believe that beautiful woman was her on that screen. 

I couldn't have made this woman feel this with my Boudoir Diva training !! I am forever grateful that I can make this kind of difference in women's lives. Thank you from me and all the women that will come through my studio! You all touching so many lives with your
mission and knowledge 🙌🙌"
Hello my fellow photographers, 

I just first want to take a moment to thank you for doing what you do. It matters.

I became a boudoir photographer because of a very unique and personal story.

I wanted women to feel their value, and more than anything I want an individual to feel seen. 
To feel celebrated.
To feel like enough.

Because maybe there is no one in her life that makes her feel that way. 
And maybe she's trying to do it for herself.
Good on her. 
I want to be a part of that journey so I created an experience with my photography to help her. 

I think art is one of the most powerful tools on the planet and I can't believe I am lucky enough to call this my career path. 
Even more fortunate to call that path wildly successful. 

When I was starting out with my business and photography, I felt so far behind.
So overwhelmed.

I would have put thousands on my credit card to have access to a formula, a path of success to emulate.
A mentor that was doing what I wanted to do. 

At that time, when I Googled "boudoir," nothing truly relevant came up. 

So I had to forge my own path. 
15 years later I'm more in love with taking photos of my sisters than ever before.

I believe I am empowering women with my photography experience.
Allowing them to feel more alive and confident to pursue their passions.
And I believe this is an experience every woman should have.

And there's a lot of women out there! There's plenty of business to go around!

For that reason I wanted to create access to all my knowledge. 

And even though I used to sell these secrets for $5000+ before,  I wanted to create a way for it to be far more affordable now. 

At $16 a month.... this is a must do. If you want to be a successful photographer you NEED this. 
And its just a few hours a month + showing up in the group a few times a week to change your life.
And others lives.

I truly, truly believe this my friends.
I have received hundreds of testimonials saying the same thing.
And if you see another boudoir photographers out there totally killing it,
I would bet money on it they have taken one of my courses.

Join me in empowering women. See you in the all access and our Facebook group!

Marissa Boucher
The Boudoir Divas
Are you overwhelmed marketing your photography business?

Don't worry, it's not your fault.
It's overwhelming for everyone.

We've been praised for our marketing for years, but don't let that fool you,
we did SO much trial and error.

And over 15 years we figured out what actually works....

Bringing in over 4000 clients to our studio in San Diego!

And I've prioritized what's important in this easy checklist...
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